Monday, January 3, 2011

The Gift Exchange

The Gift Exchange

My anniversary was approaching as was Chanukah and later Valentines Day.

In October, I went to a jewelry show for jewelers in Miami. Some people think I am a Jeweler and I have a Jewelers Board of Trade number which gets me into shows for the trade.

While there, I got presents for my daughter, mother (I would be killed if I didn’t get her something) and my niece, and found some very pretty pieces for my wife.  One was for our anniversary in November, one for Chanukah and I had one for Valentine’s Day as well.

The anniversary came.  I presented her with a beautiful ring.  It was exquisite and is possibly my favorite gift to her.  She loved it.

I got nothing (I say pouting and looking forlorn).

Chanukah came and I presented her with a fabulous necklace.  She loved it.

I got nothing (more pouting and forlorn look).

Valentine’s Day was approaching.  My daughter and son felt it was time to intervene.

“We can’t take any more of his pouting and forlorn looks,” they said to my wife.  “Get him something. You know he got you something and he will milk this to no end”.

My wife considered their advice and came up with a wonderful gift.

I gave her another piece of Jewelry and she gave me what she felt was appropriate.  A Whitman Sampler.

The Whitman Sampler became a staple of my wife’s gifts to me over the next couple of years and a standing joke in the family. I didn’t even like it.

I would get her expensive jewelry or perfume; she would get me the Whitman Sampler.

An important birthday was approaching.

She decided to break the pattern and regain the moral high ground in the gift giving.

She got me a very nice camcorder.  I really liked it.  It was a wonderful gift.

She thought it was so nice, she kept giving it to me at least once a year. 

When it came time for exchanging gifts she would trot it out and re-present it to me.  This continued for another few years.

Another family joke was created.

Very recently, the camcorder had lost its luster.  She needed a new gift to give to me.

After consulting with my daughter, son, son-in-law and daughter-in-law, she bought me a Nook for my birthday.  The electronic reader from Barnes and Noble.

It was a wonderful gift, I love to read.  The kids gave me gift cards to use on the site.

I am patiently waiting for my next birthday to see if I get it again.  I’m betting I do.

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